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The StrawHatCaptain (just call me captain, or cap'n)

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The StrawHatCaptain (just call me captain, or cap'n)

Post by StrawHatCaptain on Tue Dec 24, 2013 3:40 am

Who are you:
   Character Name: StrawHat, or StrawHatCaptain
   Character Age: unknown
   Village: Leaf
   Rank: (only reason you may not get the rank is if it is already filled for the village)
   Element: fire
   Techniques:taijutsu, genjutsu

   Your Appearance:
   Appearance Description: tallish, at least five-nine; lanky, less than one hundred and twenty pounds; angular features; no facial hair; shoulder length hair, with bangs constantly going into his face; skeletal; black shirt, red pants, backpack with a skull design on it, adorned with angelic wings

   Your Information:

   Personality: Serious when necessary, humorous when it isn't. I am a loyal yet sarcastic friend. I try my best to be unpredictable, leading me to learn all sorts of different jutsu. I do best by my friends, yet you never know if I consider you a friend until your life is on the line. shy and narcissistic, yet i am always surrounded by people. I am very introverted. I don't take compliments or praise well, because i think it's mockery. I can't stand to see people in trouble. I'm also slighty shifty, just enough to get people curious about me but not enough to make them suspicious. I'm also polite. all in all, a well intentioned guy.
   Likes: peace and quiet, solitude, respect.
   Dislikes: suffering, corruption,
   Your Nindo/Motives: I fight to show everyone that right and wrong isn't back and white, but more like a grey that people on both sides have exploited for personal reason.
   History: Amnesia. You ever experienced that? i did. not very fun. you wake up, like in a dream, but you somehow know it's real. and that's about all you know. I still haven't remembered everything. Who my parents are, for example. What village i'm from. other things that should be common knowledge. Yeah... I have no idea what my name is. Everyone just kept calling StrawHat, some even alling me the StrawHatCaptain. Maybe because of my laid back nature. And it stuck. Don't judge me. Anyway, I kept hearing about how kids who showed the potential went to a ninja academy or something. So I not only found one, but I graduated. And... That catches you up, i suppose. Oh, wait. I suppose i should explain why I'm still a genin, even though i'm sixteen. I have been unable to find a squad that is willing to work with a loose canon like me. yeah, the day someone decides to work with me is the day i'm no longer a genin.
   Rp Sample: "Yo, Straw Hat!" You'd think that they'd of found a better way to get my attention by now, I think solemnly. Sigh. "Yes?" "What's going on with the weakest ninja in the Leaf?" they say, always getting a rise out of their friends. Not this time, i think, spinning around. the laughing stops as I break the first goon's nose. "Wggghhhaaaahhh?" he says, garbling the words in his own blood. I however, have more pressing concerns. Such as pressing goon number two's kneecap into the floor as i carry on with the force from the first hit, spinning with the punch as i drive it into the back of his knee. That's when the third and final goon regained his composure and dived at me. "wrong move," i tell him as i sidestep and place my elbow on his back, pushing down. He slammed into the floor, and I walked away. Not a whole lot of skill required. Weakest my ass.

   Faceclaim: yes...?

   Secret word:moon wolf


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