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Hayai Yatsu

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Hayai Yatsu Empty Hayai Yatsu

Post by Hayai yatsu on Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:18 am

Who are you:
   Character Name: Hayai Yatsu
   Gender: Male
   Character Age: 19
   Village: Sunagakure
   Clan: N/A
   Rank: Jounin
   Element: Earth
   Techniques: Ninjutsu and Taijutsu
   Your Appearance:
   Eyes: Purple
   Hair: light Brown
   Appearance Description: He is very tall at 6 ft 2 inches. He has purple redish eyes and has medium light brown hair that goes down to his neck and with bangs that covers his eyes sometimes. He wears a brown collared shirt and wears blue kapre like pants with  a pouch on his waist for weapons. He wears simple shoes and has a bracelet with a small crystal on it that represents earth.

   Your Information:

   Personality: Hayai is very fierce and strict. he prefers things to be done a certain way and often has to do things himself. He is quick tempered. He is very loyal to his friends though and will often protet who he values. He is also always changing and has a hidden nature. He is very secretive and will only reveal things to certain people. He is very simplistic and doesnt want to go out of way to do things but it happens anyways. He is also friendly and yet sometimes aggressive. He sometimes has a urge for battle but often focuses on nonviolence.
   Likes: (optional but encouraged)
   Dislikes: (optional but encouraged)
   Your Nindo/Motives: He wants to be a true scholar and learn as much as he can. He also wants to protect his comrades and will not let them die without purpose.
   History:Hayai yatsu grew up in a desert several weeks trip from Sunagakure. He was 18 before he began to wonder what else was out there. He is use to the heat and had the Element of Earth.  but he soon began to understand the sand during his traveled and wondered who can use it and can he. He knew it wouldnt be easy to travel to Sunogakure. He packed up his things and got enough water for the travel. Because he had not traveled much before it took him 5 weeks just to get to Sunogakure. He wasnt able to meet the Kazekage for several weeks later because he had symptoms of dehydration. Once he got his strength back he went to him and asked many questions. He didnt ever know if he could control sand but he would try. His mind was determined and he was excited to continue on his journey.

   Rp Sample: Hayai yatsu wondered back from his house to the edge of the village. He had been assigned a mission to get a scroll to the Hidden Village of the leaf. He had traveled 5 days before he got anywhere and was frustrated. this only pushed him further. he moved faster and 3 days later reached Konoha. He talked to the Jounin at the gate.
"Hello there, im Hayai yatsu and im here to deliver a scroll to the hokage!" he said with a fair tone.
the two jounin looked at him. "Alright let me see the scroll" one said holding out his hand. Hayai handed it to him and looked down. the jouinin looked to the other in approval. "alright we will take you to the hokage" he said getting up. 'Follow me!" he said heading off to the administrative building. Hayai followed and soon he was face to face with the Hokage. He smiled. "this is for you" he said handing it to her. "once you look at it ill be on my way." the hokage looked at it and gave him no message to give back so he was dismissed. Hayai left and headed back to Sunogakure.

   Faceclaim: https://i.servimg.com/u/f56/18/58/64/25/sand_g10.jpg
Hayai Yatsu Sand_g10

   Secret word: nInja Blade

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Hayai Yatsu Empty Re: Hayai Yatsu

Post by Luna Fang on Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:41 am

Good job. approved.

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