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Amaya Uchiha

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Amaya Uchiha Empty Amaya Uchiha

Post by Amaya Uchiha on Sat Dec 28, 2013 7:08 am

Amaya Uchiha DragonSlayer_by_PhoenixSpine
Amaya Uchiha Backgrounds-computer-images-4fe51e2a245b8101fe7569c328d19f19
Who are you:
Character Name: Amaya Uchiha
Gender: Female
Character Age: August 17th. 20
Village: Iwagakure
Clan: Uchiha
Rank: Jounin
Element: Katon & Raiton
Techniques: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu

Your Appearance:
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Raven Black
Appearance Description: Amaya is a slenderly built woman with a pale complexion. She has a height of five foot eight inches and a weight of a hundred and twenty-one pounds. She has raven black hair, going pass her breast, and bangs framing her face. She has golden eyes, which deceives people into thinking she isn't an Uchiha thus leaving a big surprise for them when the Sharingan is activated.

Amaya's attire always consist of a crown which is tilted upon her head. An outfit she usually wears is one worn for when she isn't on a mission. It consist of a simple, sleeveless black dress with straps that are laced over. A cross is formed by across her chest. A pair of thigh-high stockings with slits on either side, held together by lace, is worn. Simple shoes are worn upon her feet.

Another outfit worn is one meant only for missions. This one consist of a lace top under a bolero jacket, the former having white straps crossed together. A torn black skirt which reveals part of a laced petticoat is worn. The same shoes and thigh-highs worn in the first outfit is also worn in this one. A choker with a jewel hanging from it finishes this outfit.

Your Information:

Personality: Amaya is an intelligent and serious individual, something she had gained from her sister and from traveling the world. She exhibits maturity not expected from someone her age, and dislikes anyone who acts immaturely. She is very skeptical upon meeting new people, not very trusting after the years she spent as a slave, and believes everyone -but her sister- has an ulterior motive. Her cynicism makes making friends very hard, since she doesn't trust them - and trust is a hard thing to earn.

Amaya only seems to express mild annoyance when around people she doesn't know. And only really expresses joy when around her sister, though it's limited. She can be very sarcastic when someone ask her a stupid question, and defensive when someone ask her about her past. SHe really doesn't like to talk about her past, and deflects anyone who ask. And if they are persistent, she gets mad and snaps at them.

Amaya still adores her older sister as she did when she was younger. Though now she wishes to be her own person rather than like her sister.

Likes: Sister, Freedom, Fighting
Dislikes: Slavery, Being Disturbed, Whiners/Complainers
Your Nindo/Motives: I can only trust one person in this world with my life, she being the one who raised me and the reason I have gotten this far. She's Sapphira Uchiha, my older sister.
Amaya was born into a small town within the Land of Tea. She was born into a household of three, her two parents - Matthew and Elena - and older sister Sapphira. At the time of her birth Sapphira was 6, and was Amaya's primary caretaker. She grew up admiring her older sister, and striving to be like her. And the desire grew as she got older.

She was 4 when a mysterious man showed up at the home she dwelled in with her family. She doesn't remember much of that period, having been to young to remember anything important but she does remember that the man was the reason she and her sister would become slaves a year later. But before that day would come, she enjoyed the rest of the childhood she would have.

Amaya was 5 when things changed. That day her parents were slaughter; Sapphira and herself were sold as slaves by a man known as General Leon. That was the day her childhood ended. Despite not being pleased with becoming a slave, she was happy as long as Sapphira was with her. And when they were sold to a man in Iron Country, she did her best to obey. She only had to be whipped twice to know she didn't like it, and thus did her utmost best to avoid the wrath of her master.

Ten years later, Amaya had learned what hatred was. She hated her master, the man who beat her and her sister. She hated the man who had sold her into slavery. And she hated the fact that her parents were dead. Thus she too fell under the curse of the Uchiha's, just like her sister. And soon a rebellion would be formed, it made up of those who no longer wanted to be slaves and wished to be free. And soon the wish would come true. No one ever knew that Amaya and her older sister were Uchiha, making the surprise all the more sweeter.

It was December 18th when the rebellion had begun. Sapphira and Amaya, along with the help of the other slaves, managed to overthrow the plantation owner and anyone associated with him. And once the assault was done, they went their separate ways. Amaya knows Sapphira stayed behind and would be recruited by the Tsuchikage. Amaya on the other hand would travel the world, helping others who were unfortunate enough to become slaves. And she would return to Iwa upon her 20th birthday, in search of her sister.

Rp Sample:
Amaya eyes narrowed, a scowl formed on her face as she walked onto property the plantation was built on. She had been on a plantation similar to the one that stood before her, and the memories only managed to deter her mood even further from its usually state - which is mild annoyance. She stared at the plantation for a long time before she proceeded towards it. Her destination was the main house, not the slaves courter as it use to be. She found that over her course of liberating slaves that it was best to not involve them in the killing of their master. They froze at the thought of killing someone and that cost several slaves their life. And though she knew that they would more than likely enjoy liberating themselves, she had seen too much stupidity from them that things didn't go right.

And that was why Amaya was heading for the main house. She walked up the old steps, and knocked on the door that looked like it needed to be replaced - badly. Within seconds someone answered the door, and she put on a show. Today she would be a traveling who needed a place to lounge in for the night and was willing to pay for both the meal and the food. Amaya had them at money and she was permitted to enter the plantation. A rare smile crossed her face as she passed the threshold of the house. The owners were very gullible, and they would pay with their lives.

Faceclaim: Dragon Slayer - Black Rock Shooter

Secret word: Moon Wolf


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Amaya Uchiha Empty Re: Amaya Uchiha

Post by Luna Fang on Sat Dec 28, 2013 2:34 pm


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