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Taijutsu: Steel Hair Technique

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Taijutsu: Steel Hair Technique  Empty Taijutsu: Steel Hair Technique

Post by Serenata Wildfire on Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:45 am

Name:Steel Hair Technique
Classification: Taijutsu
Range: Mid-range
Hand seals:none (It needs no hand seals but for some it may help to make their favorite hand seal to help their mental focus.)
Usage: Isn't it just a drag that your comrades are so fit and agile but you talent is...something else and you feel physically inferior? Are you tired after running a mile when all the other ninja seem to jump through the trees forever? Would you rather spend more time shampooing than doing push-ups but your sensei keeps pushing you to put the brush down? Well don't rip your hair out in frustration because those beautiful locks can be your solution.

A taijutsu move for those whose bones and muscles just don't make the cut for the traditional brutal bashing and smashing in taijutsu. It requires the user to focus their chakra into their scalp and infuse their hair with mental energies making it as hard as steel. But, that's not all, they can then use their hair like extra tendril-like appendages to grapple, stab, or crack it like a whip to make slashes. Or wrap it around your body to protect you from physical attacks like kunai or shuriken. The hair becomes a little more rigid and strong as steel cables but because of its flexibility it can absorb the kinetic energy of an impact like Kevlar. The technique can also make the hair grow a few extra feet to increase the range(Thus why its mid-range). When used with lightning nature chakra they could spread their hair out like tentacles and ZAP! anyone who gets too close like a human-jellyfish, or poke tiny hairs into someones skin for a relaxing acupuncture session.

Requirements for this? No more squats! Yay! Get in there and shampoo twice and condition once, then brush your hair 1,000,000,000 times a night. No, not really, but it does help to have long healthy and well taken care of hair(Which may make this more popular among kunoichi.). One might also need a good amount of chakra control, lightning nature, and good circulation to their head and scalp area. You'll also have to use it often, like a muscle, its use it or lose it. And, like using a new muscle it can be difficult till you get used to it because this is not a common place to send chakra while using taijutsu.  

Warning! Do not attempt to shield they self with your steel hair against fire style ninjutsu because you will burn! It is strong against physical attack, and wont be cut by blades when hardened by chakra. It's also strong against earth styles but fire is its bane, and water can make it heavy and slow it down when wet. It can be conductive of electricity so it can absorb or redirect electrical currents in a lightning based attack.
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Taijutsu: Steel Hair Technique  Empty Re: Taijutsu: Steel Hair Technique

Post by Luna Fang on Mon Dec 30, 2013 8:07 pm

Uh denied. Or i may have to think about it. good effort.

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