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The Witch of Kirigakure (complete)

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The Witch of Kirigakure (complete) Empty The Witch of Kirigakure (complete)

Post by Serenata Wildfire on Mon Dec 30, 2013 3:05 am

Occasionally the jounin by the name Serenata Wildfire would visit the young elementary aged students of the academy and read to them old folk tales about historical figures like Madara Uchiha, sage of six paths, and of course a favorite hero by the name Naruto. One day a young boy asked her if she was really a jounin, and she said yes, he was so exited and jumped up and down saying he wanted to be a jounin one day and maybe even Mizukage. Sere laughed and told him if he continues to strive and always fight for his dream then maybe he will be one day. A small girl tugged at her sleeve and in a small timid voice asked the jounin if she was scared of anything. Most were expecting her to say no, what kind of jounin would admit to being afraid? Especially in a society where the kage expects so much from them but Sere would surprise them with her answer.

"Why yes. I suppose I am afraid of monsters." they all laugh thinking he is kidding and referring to monsters like the ones under your bed or in the closest but her face remains grim making their laughter die off quickly when she continues to say: "Monsters that lie, monsters that make promises of hope only to betray those closest to them and write their version of history in their blood. Monsters that hide in the shadows and won't show themselves. Monsters of seduction. Monsters with sweet words and nasty intentions. Monsters...I fear those kind of monsters will eat me, and make me one of their breed. I fear I may already be becoming one. The work of a shinobi can twist ones mind that one day you will have to decide if it's worth remaining human or not." the class room was quiet for a long moment and Sere began to wonder if saying something like that to children their age was a bit too shaking. Slowly she turned around as if to leave but then in a flash whirls around to face them while wearing a goblin like mask she'd put on while her back was turned to them. "garrraaahhaahaha!" she roared at them making them scream and then took off the mask before they thought she really did become a monster.

Having entertained the children enough for one day she was heading home when she noticed a bonfire outside her parents home. Her father and another man were sitting together when she walked up. "Ah Sere, this is my old friend, Jaccob. We were just talking about legends of old during the dark times when the natives of this land attempted to purge our clan from here. Back then we split into two sects, one that exists now and then the one tribe that betrayed us." Sere took a seat on a log by her father. "Why didn't you ever tell me this before?" She asked with interest as she knew about the purge but didn't know a group had betrayed her kin. "Aie, I heard this too many times. But we didn't tell you because we didn't want to scare you when you were small and I guess we sorta forgot. I need a little more brandy, then am going to bed. Jaccob can tell you eh? Night then." he walked off leaving Sere with the stranger. "So what about the dark times, and the traitors?" Jaccob was silent for a moment before answering. His eyes were Staring hypnotized at the fire and it made Sere do the same. When he began to speak her mind became lost in a haze and began to see the images he spoke of in her mind.

"Long ago, when the dark times were upon us and the people of this new world we found were attempting our genocide there were some among is who were compliant to them. They would rather live as betraying scum than be pit to death. They gave our hideouts away, helped the shinobi track us down, and lead many Wildfire to their deaths instead of guiding them to safety as they would promise. They formed a small tribe and were lead by a witch said to have the will of The Ring born into her. Before the Ring of witches of old were defeated they made an incantation that the will of their evil hearts will be born in the land of dragons and rising red suns the night the moon is turned to blood. Such a night had come a day before the kages decided to eradicate us. And yes, a child was born. A young girl, and they named her Serenata Wildfire." Sere stopped him there and giggled before interrupting. "Haha! Good one. My names Serenata. You almost had me there." Jaccob turned and looked at her. From under the hood of his cloak he had green eyes. Green empty eyes full of remorse. It almost shocked Sere to see such a cold gaze in someone. He didn't even chuckle a little or hint at it being a joke. He just turned back to the fire and stared into the dancing yellow and red blazes. "Her name was Serenata Wildfire. A vile woman who used her songs to hypnotize us, put us to sleep, and murder us in our beds. Her voice was so beautiful it could seduce any man. Her mastery of conducting melody could rival Isabela an Henry Wildfire. The Mizukage promised her riches, and a way to be at peace with herself bit she was deceived. She was not given any such reward but was locked away in a dungeon and taken out whenever it was convenient for the kage. He did things to her mind and body, unspeakable things to drive her further off the cliffs of madness and turning her into a creature of flesh. Her beautiful songs became screams and howls in the night. Banshee, is what they called her. The most might of men would crumble in fear and the terror made their blood go cold. Some were even so overwhelmed their hearts ceased to beat. Her hair grew long and was the only thing to cover her body, she ate grass and raw meat like a beast, had fangs, and claws. When they stabbed her, the flesh healed, when they bashed her, she would only become more enraged. The kage feared such a monster might rip his head off so he made a seal to take from her the spirit within her body. When he did he did not find a human spirit nor was it demon, or any other celestial being. Her spirit had mutated even more than her body. It let out one last scream as her soul was torn from her body and a root connecting her flesh to her ghost came from her mouth. The kages life was crippled by the scream and blood from his cough nourished the root that fell from the girls mouth. It grew and grew becoming a rare and poisonous mandrake root. That is why certain mandrake scream when they are ripped from the earth. It is Serenata trying to claim yet another victim for her revenge. The Mizukage who was hurt by her dying scream did not die until long after Henry and Isabela changed his heart with their sacred song.  There is a section of the forest said to become black and dead when the red moon rises. An ill mist covers the ground and that is when those heinous roots reach up from the ground and bend themselves into the shape of human body parts. But one day Serenata will return...."

It was quiet for a long time again as they both stared into the fire that had died down to red glowing coals. "The story would have been better if you didn't use my name." She looked back to see that Jaccob had disappeared. Gone, without a trace. Her mother came back and nearly made Sere jump out of her skin. "Hi Hun, who were you talking to?"  she asked. "uh, Jaccob, a friend of dads." Her mother tilted her head in confusion. "honey, Jaccob is a stray dog your father occasionally feeds scraps to." Sere looked puzzled too, she didn't see a dog, maybe it left before she got there. "Then who was that man in the cloak?" Her mother put a hand on her forehead to see if she was ill. "Are you feeling alright dear?" Sere sighed and got up starting to head home. "Am fine...just tired. Goodnight."

The words of that man stuck with her like tar on feathers. She had little to no sleep that night, her bones felt heavy with dread when she walked home. What sort of creep shows up and tells a story about such a horrible person and uses your name in the story? Did he do it on purpose to scare her? Did he know her name this whole time? Well in Kirigakure her name was known to some from her days as a street performer. She was used to some coming up to her knowing her face when she'd not ever seen them before. Though this was hardly the glamour of a big celebrity.  Her thoughts were shattered by something that made her blood run cold. Her front door was hanging slightly ajar and it was strangely quiet for her block. Slowly she approached the door and steps in. The lights were off and when she turned them on her humble home looked as its always been. Being sure to check every room only to find nothing, and no one. Maybe she just forgot to latch the door all the way, yes, that was it. She sighed and bolted her door securely this time and walked to the kitchen to make herself some herbal tea.

The wind against the window made a low howl sound and her eyes wouldn't close. It was like she was trying to memorize every detail of her ceiling and would daze in and out in her thoughts. The ceiling becoming a blur of colors above her until she focuses and looks right at them. With a groan she sat up and began to get dressed. If she can't sleep maybe a nice walk and a little practice would get the tension out. Stepping outside she stopped and turned around to look at the door and latching it up tight. "Stay." she said to the door while pointing at it as if it had a mind of its own and was going to somehow obey her just because she demanded sternly of it. The air was cool and she could see her breath but it was still dry enough to not be too nippy but just to be safe she wrapped a fur scarf around her neck. All the streets were dark but the moon shown bright silver giving plenty of light for her path. She walked aimlessly down a dirt path from her house to a meadow encased by a tall wood.  A loud hiss suddenly made her jump and she looked up to see a red flair going up into the sky tainting the black sky with a bright pink and the moon with a shade like blood. "Lets go! GO! don't let the suspect escape!" A herd of chunin lead by a few jounin came charging right by her nearly knocking and flattening her under foot. Armed and looking like they had their war faces on the other shinobi were rushing in the direction of the red flair that went off. But why so many? Sere couldn't just stand by and watch, she had to help somehow if she could. Hurrying after them she kept a safe distance from all the action so she'd have a chance to observe and asses the situation, it wasn't like her to just barge head long in without a plan. Then another flair went up and made the place look like it was being licked by red flames. That red glow unnerved her in a way no other shade of light could, it aroused a strange sense of panic she'd not felt for a long time. This was bad that not one but two flairs were shot off to signal more reinforcements. She ran faster chasing that flair more frantically now. What was going on? Was there really such a serious threat so close to her home? What if her family were in danger? Her pace quickened till now she was breathing heavily and was almost in a dead bolt of a sprint when another sound stopped her in her tracks. Screams. Horrible, inhuman, screams of terror and agony. She felt her hair rise on end and her blood begin to get cold. Instinctively she dived behind a cluster of trees and carefully peer around its truck to see something...a person? An animal? Some sort of creature was crouched down over a man making gurgling sounds and appeared to have its head by the mans throat. She couldn't see much because of its long hair obscuring the view. Leaning closer to see more around the tree her toe crunched down on a dead leaf as her weight shifted to the other leg breaking the silence. She froze, and so did the monster she was watching.  It sniffed the air and made a low growl, Serenata waited for a long minute that felt like an eternity when its head snapped to the side to look right at her with glowing blood red irises. That man she was holding in her arms, his throat was torn open and she could see the bones of his neck through the open flesh which no longer held his head up. Blood soaked the creatures mouth and stained the white hospital like gown it was in. Whirling around her back hit the trunk of the tree and she could only pray that somehow she may have hid herself from view before being seen by that...whatever it was. Her hand clasped around her mouth to keep herself from screaming and crying at the sight of what she just saw but fails to let a little whimper out. When she worked up the courage to peek around the tree again it was gone and so was its victim, only a red stain in the grass remained.

More screams came and another flair went up. Three. This was a high level alert if yet even more distress calls of hope were being sent out. Something took over her body and her legs began to run on their own. Running and running closer to the sounds of her fellow shinobi until she skidded to a halt to stand among-st a group of them. They were standing in a circle with their weapons drawn so they could watch each others backs in case something popped out at them from the shadows. "You! Girl! get out of here this is no place for a-" The last remaining jounin barked at her but his words stopped as the air was broken by the sounds of a morbid and creepy song. A stringed instrument was being played from somewhere in the trees high above their heads. But it was like it was coming from the trees itself and from all around them. Seres' head bobbed as she realized what it was, that was the lullaby "Come my Child"  a popular folk song but it was also a genjutsu that played on the parasympathetic nervous system and hormones in the brain that regulate sleep, digestion, and other involuntary actions of the body.  Everyone would be sleeping helpless targets in the open if they let it play for another 48 seconds. Sere tried to cover her ears but she could still hear the song and looked up to realize the other ninja weren't doing the same, they had no idea to suspect it may be a genjutsu. "Find the source of that song!" Their leader barked but they remained standing there confused, they couldn't pinpoint the exact location of the sound. 30 more seconds. "Split up and fan out!" He ordered again. "But what if were picked off when we're alone?!" The chunin who must have been second in command questioned. Good point, it could be that whoever is playing that song wants them to split up and look for them. 26 seconds. Time was running out, but their only option was to find the musician. "Go! He's right you have to find it or we'll all be easy targets and possibly finished!" Serenata urged them and then in the corner of her eye she saw something move in the trees.  She dashed after it and just when she got to it she lunged at the figure but passed right through it like it was a ghost. Turning around she saw a shadow in three dimensional form. Serenata gasped "Shadow duet." she murmured under her breath.  That was a Wildfire jutsu and one of her own songs too. It made the shadow of the user become three dimensional and produce sounds of its own. The shadow couldn't hurt anything and nothing could hurt it, it was only a shadow after all...a shadow that produced sounds of its own from the echos of the original. She'd never thought it looked so creepy until now when it was being used against her. More than one shadow could be made by playing the song shadow duet and there must be half a dozen more. The purpose of the jutsu was to disguise the location of the musician so enemies can't just follow the sound and thus buy them time to perform something like "Come My Child" which takes time before it takes its toll. That's why the song sounded like it was coming from multiple directions, because it was, whoever was playing this song wanted them to go running after them and guess which one was the real musician and they only had 15 seconds to do that. It was also their only choice. The shadow appeared to be in the likeness of a woman the same height and build of Serenata and if she didn't know any better she'd say it was her own shadow.  But when did she cast it? Must have been before she got to that clearing where the other shinobi were. 10 seconds. Sere began to sweat and look around frantically. She saw another shadowy figure in the darkness and began to move towards it but her knees weren't responding. She was moving so slow, and so was everything else, she felt weak and fatigued. The jutsu, it was starting to finally take effect. "Oh no...no no no.." she said to herself trying to fight off the spell but she stumbled to land on her hands and knees. The sound of metal on metal made her look up to see the jounin being stabbed in the face by his own katana. Holding it was a woman that the shadow must have belonged to, and she could see glowing red eyes behind long black hair and that hospital gown. No doubt it was that thing she saw eating that mans throat and in her other hand was a violin. The woman spun and slashed open the stomach of a chunin and Sere watched the last of her comrades be cut down one by one and each was sluggishly slow with fatigue as she was because of that song.  As the last one fell he shot up yet another flair but there would probably be no one to rescue them. The crimson light exposed the womans face to Sere for the first time as she stepped closer to be visible. Sere gasped in shock "No..no..NO!" she wouldn't believe it, she couldn't. That face was her own. She looked exactly like Serenata down to the very detail, the same hair, same eyes, nose, cheeks, body, height, everything. But some things were different, she was covered in blood, and her eyes glowed in the darkness like the glow beneath hot coals. It stepped closer until it was standing over her, unable to hold her head up anymore she only saw her bloody bare feet in front of her.

A spike of pain went through her scalp as she was grabbed by the hair and lifted up. Her vision was blurry but she could still see when she was held face to face with this horrible thing if it was even a person. It opened its mouth and inhaled deeply like she was going to blow a house away and her chest expanded a little too inhumanly. What came next Sere could only describe as complete hell. A scream that made her head feel like someone was sawing into her skull while her body was being stretched until its joints came out. Her ears bled from the intense sound, she felt light headed, weak, dizzy, nauseated, and things began to swirl around her. She was back on her hands and knees again before she could remember anything else and the muscles in her stomach were wrenching her gut in painful spasms that made her spill vomit out on the ground. Her face felt like a pressurized balloon about to pop and just when she thought she was done her abdomen began to contract in spasms again and repeating the process of purging her digestive tract. This thing, when it screamed it must have done something to the inner workings of her ears that control her bodies sense of balance or coordination. It was too much and she had reached her limit of how much torture she could take from the song, and now the scream and not to mention having to see the brutal ways of how the others were killed. Slumping to the ground in a heap she lay there at the mercy of her doppelganger whose foot pushed against her side to make her roll over to her back. The woman stood over her and looked down at her then slowly crouched down to come close to her face again. "Please...what do you want?...what do you want!" She managed to croak out at her. She was silent for a moment and then let out a hiss as she grabbed sere by the jaw making her whimper and some cold tears to trickle down her cheek. The kind of tears that don't come from pain or sorrow but the kind when someone is overwhelmed by horror. Maybe that scream didn't just influence her balance but maybe it did something to the glands in her brain that stimulate fear and stress.
"What do I want?...all I want...all I want...ALL I WANT IS WHATS MINE!"  Another scream came from her as she shook Serenata by the jaw which made her body shake all over her jaw also sank down to be almost at her collar bone as her mouth stretched freakishly wide. She knew what she meant by that. All she wanted was Serenata, she wanted to be her, she wanted her body, mind, and soul. The moment it clicked in her mind and she understood what she wanted everything went dark as she fainted right there in the face of such an indescribably evil version of herself.

Serenata woke with a start, sitting up in her bed and screaming while holding the sides of her head. She was still crying and adrenalin was pumping through her veins. Her breath was heavy from hyperventilation and her sheets were soaked from her sweat. Looking around in puzzlement to see her bedroom, the walls, her book shelf, and violin in its stand. Everything was were it should be neat and tidy without a scent of blood, red flairs, or...her. "A dream?" she asked herself as her pulse finally went down to normal and she wiped some of the tears from her face. She smiled and slowly moved to get out of bed. It was only a dream, none of it really happened. There was no witch who could scream like a dying mandrake like in the story, and she certainly wouldn't be looking like her. That stupid story from that man Jaccob must have stuck in her mind to give her nightmares. Thats the last time she heard spooky stories before going to bed.  Stretching her arms out she yawned and sleepily walked to the bathroom to freshen herself up for the day. After putting way too much tooth paste on her toothbrush she lifted it up to her mouth but it dropped from her fingers as she froze in shock at what she saw in the mirror. On either side of her jaw were bruises from where the witch grabbed and shook her like a rag doll. She touched the mirror to see if it was scuffed and then touched her own chin to find it was sore and painful to touch the bruises making her wince. Then asked herself the question again. "A-A...dream?"
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The Witch of Kirigakure (complete) Empty Re: The Witch of Kirigakure (complete)

Post by Yoh Uchiha on Thu Jan 09, 2014 12:27 am

as i appear in beside your bed waiting for you to wake up; i with a peaceful mind when heard you yelling i look at you with a white cloak from the forest we first meet i look at you not showing my face "everything will be fine as long you don't make it true" i smile, i put my hand on your shoulder  and slowly push you down as you look at my sharingan and put you to sleep with my genjutsu once i use it and put you to sleep i disappear like the wind leaving my smell making look like you just have other dream a peaceful dream this time


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