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Mandrake Scream

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Mandrake Scream

Post by Serenata Wildfire on Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:24 am

Name:Mandrake Scream
Range:All Ranges
Hand seals:N/A
Usage:In some legends of folklore there is a plant renown for its agents of healing and fertility but also for letting out a deadly scream known as the mandrake. It is said that anyone who pulls up a certain breed of this root will hear a scream so terrible they will die.

This jutsu is similar to the mandrake though it is unlikely someone will die from it. By focusing an extreme amount of chakra to the throat and lungs it causes the persons chest to expand in almost a freakish way so they can let out a sound wave so loud it will break glass, and possibly a few ear drums. The person then distributes their chakra evenly among the intense sound waves to target them on the inner workings of the ear. It disrupts the organs that control the bodies sense of balance and proprioception. Symptoms of its victims typically suffer a loss of balance and coordination, dizziness, weakness, and nausea. It also gives a very painful splitting headache, and at close ranges the ears of someone may bleed. Glands in the brain that stimulate fear and stress are also triggered that may give someone the oppressive helpless feelings of dread. The effects of fear wear off after only a few moments but it may take minutes before they regain their balance and coordination again.

The repercussion of this jutsu is it puts much strain on the throat and vocal cords. If its used too often the user of the jutsu may lose his or her voice. It may also be too painful to use it more than once in a fight.    
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