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Demonic Illusions: Phantom webs

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Demonic Illusions: Phantom webs

Post by Serenata Wildfire on Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:57 am

Name: demonic illusion: phantom webs
Range:All ranges
Hand seals:N/A
Usage:It is the same basic song as 'Chains of Fantasia' or 'Phantom sound chains' but it has been slightly altered to fit a different cleft  and an entirely different instrument. This song/jutsu is performed on a violin instead of the flute and much of it in ninth and eleventh position. Whoever hears it is afflicted by vivid hallucinations that their limbs are being tangled in great spider webs that render them immobile and consciousness slowly fades away as they are fed morbid illusions that wear down on them mentally. The mechanics of this technique relying on sound of a violin combined with the users chakra distributed perfectly in tune with its frequency, it has a vast range and can be applied without having to know the enemies location. It can't be broken by physical intervention of an outside force, but it can be broken by another genjutsu of an outside force being placed upon the victim. Yet, the simplest way to avoid its long agonizing grasp is, wear ear plugs.
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