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Corps Electrique

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Corps Electrique

Post by Serenata Wildfire on Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:17 am

Name:Corps Electrique
Range:All ranges
Hand seals:N/A
Usage:Have you ever gone somewhere and your favorite genre of music was blasting out and making you feel the vibes in your toes and you just wanted to move to the beat? Corps Electrique, which translates into "Body Electric" is a song that influences the motor units in the skeletal muscles to give them a jolt with each note and take control of another persons body. It energizes them, and makes them a puppet to the music. It works better on those who are asleep or on corpses who cant think for themselves because once a conscious living person catches onto what's going on they can break out of it with a little will power and focus. Simply stop your flow of chakra to a complete halt and then send it out again in short bursts to break from this jutsu. You might even yell out "Release!" while your at it. As mentioned it works better on the unconscious or bodies that have died and not yet deteriorated enough to lose any important nerve tissue.  
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