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Post by Luna Fang on Thu Nov 21, 2013 1:06 am

Who are you:
Character Name: Luna Fang
Gender: Female
Character Age: October 15th, 20 years old
Village: Konoha
Clan: N/A
Rank: Hokage
Element: Fire and Lightning
Techniques: Bujitsu and ninjutsu
Species: Wolf Demon
Your Appearance:
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Silver
Appearance Description: Luna has long silver hair with long bangs. she usually has her hair pulled up against her neck with a goldish clip. she also wears three feathers connected by red beads on the left side of her head. She has amber eyes. She is petit and wears a dark purple kimono with no sleeves but has sleeve like fabric from the elbow down. She also wears white shorts and simple blue shinobi shoes. She has a tatoo on her left shoulder which represents wolf. She usually carries a bag on her belt and has a sword on her belt. Shince she has twin blades she also carries one on her back. She is short for her age but that makes her quick. she is muscular but only to a point and she is very slim. The cloths above are what she wears on most occasions and she also likes to wear a fire crystal around her left wrist. She is also a Wolf Demon so she can transform into a wolf.

Your Information:

Personality: She is gentle by nature yet fierce in battle. she is often very calm but does have a temper at times even with her self training and with her being around people more often. she is very loyal and will stick with what she believes in. she is also very sharp and not much gets past her. she is always observant and likes to be aware of her surroundings majority of the time. She also prefers not to fight unless necessary but she knows that things do happen. she is high spirited and opened minded from her time with villages in the past. she loves to explore and yet would like to find her own place in the future. she is also very bright and on the move. she is very curious and sometimes gets into trouble but not the cause of it. she often cant wait to go on missions and gets to places way earlier than needed, but by doing this she can read or just sit and watch the clouds. she likes to keep active and will only rest when she needs to. when it comes to studying she doesnt like to but will do it to get it over with.
Likes: Exploring and sitting by the rivers when she trains or reads.
Dislikes: storms or having to wait on teammates.
Your Nindo/Motives: She was abandoned near konaha when she was very little so she wants to protect those who are lost. she wants to be part of a real village so she will do what is right but her instincts tell her not to get too close. she believes that those who do wrong should be punished but not the innocent. she is also negative on war but will support her village no matter what. she knows that people will die but she will protect those people until it occurs and she doesnt want many to die unless necessary. she hopes to become a strong ninja.
History: Luna grew up in a small house outside of the Village Hidden in the Leaves which was surrounded by trees and a small lake. She lived with a older man named Eliku who use to be a ninja. He found her after a severe storm. She had ended up hiding in a tree and he took her insider his house to keep her from getting sick. He kept her for several days and kept up the fire in the house until he decided to let her stay with him if she had no where to go. She told him she was alone and so that was it. She stayed with him and they became close. He taught her much on how to survive if she ever decided to leave and he also taught her how to use weapons and how to focus her chakra.  She was a quick learner and progressed fast. During the several years she was with him, they went into the village many times and she was able to look for things she needed and get food. she also meet people and she became friends with some. She often went into the village just to walk ontop of the building and to look around. when she wasnt there she hanged around the cabin and walked along the small lake and trained. she surprisingly didnt grow that much during the few years but her hair style and cloths style changed when she saw a style in the village. Eliku also got her ninja shoes and a pouch. She began to train even harder and often wounded out tiring herself out and slept near the fire at night. She also began to get scared of storms when they happened because it reminded her of the first storm when they met. When she was ten he died at the age of 80 and she cried. She stayed at the house a week before deciding on what to do. Since she was near the village she decided to enter the ninja academy but not without remembering her first sensei. She wondered carfully into the village and went to the hokage. The hokage saw her strong will and entered her into the village and ninja academy. The hokage gave her the feathers because it shows her spirit and Luna also tells the hokage of her tattoo. Every time she trains now it reminds her of Eliku and their training sessions.

Rp Sample: Luna walked back from the top of the Building. It had begun to get quite breezy and she feared a storm was coming. her kimono began to blow and she jumped to the banister right at her office. She stepped inside and closed the  window. Sitting down at her desk again she looked at the paperwork. there was a knock at  the door and she looked up. "Come in" she said with a slight tone in her voice. A Jounin then walked in and she sighed. "What is it?" she asked before looking back down at the papers and fumbling through them. "We need the forms from you." He said lightly, knowing that was what she was fumbling for. "ah yes, here it is. Just let me look over it again." she said while simultaneously looking it over. Picking up a pin she signed it and handed it over to the Jounin. "that should be good" she simply said to him. "yes it is Hokage, thank you" He said before bowing and exiting the room.
Luna Fang the Hokage 11336412

Secret word: Thanksgiving


Jutsus Owned:


Katon: Kakiryuu no Jutsu [Fire Dragon Technique]
Rank: A
Requirements: None
Description: After a long series of handseals, a fire will start near the user. From that fire, a fiery dragon will emerge to assault the target. The dragon has enough force behind it to rip through trees, buildings, etc. to reach it's target. Being such a powerful technique, this jutsu consumes quite a bit of chakra from the user.


the 3 D ranked and 1 C Ranked
D Ranked:

Katon: Moesashi [Flame Release: Embers]
Rank: D
Requirements: Fire Element
Description: The user will first do handseals, and then they can spit small embers at their opponent. Unlike Fire Spit, these embers are physical and can harm an opponent beyond the fire contact.

Dainamikku-Entori [Dynamic Entry]
Rank: D
Requirement: None.
Description: This is simply a flying jump kick straight at the enemy. Usually used as an opening or surprise attack.

Chou Oe no Ha [Butterfly on the Leaves]
Rank: D
Requirements: None.
Description: The user leaves themselves open for attack, but as soon as an attack is made the user flips over the target making a spinning heel kick at the targets back.

C Ranked Jutsu:

Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu [Fire Release: Powerful Fireball Technique]
Rank: C
Requirements: Fire Element
Description: After using handseals, the user must first gather chakra into his hand and mouth. The mouth then shoots out fire and one hand is placed just out of the lips to control it into one intensely hot fireball. This attack is similar to a huge devastating flamethrower.

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