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Yoh Uchiha Jutsu/Training Part one

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Yoh Uchiha Jutsu/Training Part one

Post by Yoh Uchiha on Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:09 am

After the death of my best friend i have been training new jutsu and controlled chakra how to realest without using to much Chakra as making it Nature hoping everything go while; day and night come by everytime i come back home run out Chakra; making more hard to walk back home but each time i get little more better learning new trick to master it everytime i master new jutsu go back home learn the next jutsu everytime even thou out mission i keep training like it no body business however there time i was not even close i was ask my teacher for tricks and new jutsu at time i get lost but there one jutsu i yet to master summon jutsu which i got no idea how to use it so when keep training my teacher told me to use my Shadow clone jutsu to increase the changes to master my jutsu without taking years to master it and the help of my Sharingan make lot easier to understand my strange and weakness; i still have lot to learn; i increase my training even harder as my best friend did back then also i relearn my old jutsu just hoping it will disease the change i span less chakra and yet still more ful blow i keep going instill sun set when i finly master all the jutsu i learn from my teacher and my mom jutsu


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