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Jutsu Rules

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Jutsu Rules

Post by Luna Fang on Sat Nov 09, 2013 1:27 am

This is the General post for Jutsu Information. As a treat you will be allowed to get 4 free Jutsus besides the academy Jutsu (Clone jutsu, Transformation jutsu and substitution jutsu) : 3 can be D ranked and 1 can be C Ranked.

Besides these you will have to Buy and Train other Justu you wish to learn.

Gennin can only have 7 jutsus total
Chunin can only have 10 jutsus
Jounin and special Jounin can only Have 15 jutsus
Sannin can only have 20 jutsus total
Kages can only have 25 jutsus

Listed below is the Requirements to learn a new jutsu. There is a Training Category for this. You will post the jutsu you want to learn -->Here. and you will wait for a administrator to approve. Once its approved you may start training by doing a post in the Training Forum-->Here

For a list of pre jutsus go --> Here

Ryo and Words needed in the topic:

E Ranked: Free and 200 words to train it.
D Ranked: 200 Ryo and 700 words
C Ranked: 300 Ryo and 1500 words
B Ranked: 500 Ryo and 2000 words
A Ranked: 750 Ryo and 2500 Words
S Ranked: 1000 Ryo and 5000 Words

Name:(The name of your technique.)
Classification: (Genjutsu,ninjutsu, ect)
Rank: E,D,C,B,A,or S
Class: (Supplementary, offense, defense, ect.)
Range: (Short-range, Mid-range, long-range)
Hand seals: t
Usage: Description on how its used.


[b]Name:[/b](The name of your technique.)
[b]Classification:[/b] (Genjutsu,ninjutsu, ect)
[b]Rank:[/b] E,D,C,B,A,or S
[b]Class:[/b] (Supplementary, offense, defense, ect.)
[b]Range:[/b] (Short-range, Mid-range, long-range)
[b]Hand seals:[/b]
[b]Usage:[/b] Description on how its used.
To Create your own jutsu go here--> Soon!! and create a topic with your name and the jutsu description with the code above. costs will depend on the rank of the jutsu. you have to wait to get it approved before you can put it on your Profile.

THere is now a seciton at the bottom of your profile. anyone trying to put fake jutsus or ones that are not on the preapproved lists or that are not bought will be warned.
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