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Taijutsu training for Atsushi.

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Taijutsu training for Atsushi.

Post by Atsushi Uchiha on Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:51 pm

“In order to perfect the Sharingan in close range combat situations, I must first learn to command and conquer it through training.” –A few training situations were laid out before the young Kage. First a bale of hay for practicing kunai and other short range stabbing practices. Second, there would be a few dummies lined up for him to practice taijutsu on, each of them were set to move and operate at a level to counter, attack, and block his attacks and for each perfect strike, the dummy would become more and more aggressive. Thirdly an empty water bucket at the top of a bar several feet off of the ground and a bucket filled with hot water right under it, accompanied by a small iron cup. This exercise is meant for him to hang upside down and do crunches upwards while holding the burning cup to fill the top bucket then empty it back downwards again. This was set up to keep him in form and promote arm strength and to be steady with his attacks. The last item was merely a bucket filled with shards of stone and other rough materials. This simple but effective workout was designed for him to rapidly and repeatedly strike the stones and other materials to encourage endurance on his hands and keep them from going soft and weak, with each strike and callous his hands would become stronger and able to attack armour and even blades without causing him to reel back in pain. The ninja slid out a small shiv made from a broken sword tip from his left kage robe and into his palm. With his sharingan activating, he approached the first course, the bale of hay and began to stab at the center, over and over.- “This is boring…..” –Atsushi complained to himself, but he knew that to gain power and strength one would have to do things deemed boring and hard. That reason alone caused him to pick up his stabbing pace and attack with more precision based stabs.
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