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Kaori Iwaya Empty Kaori Iwaya

Post by Kaori Iwaya on Sat Dec 07, 2013 5:12 pm

Who are you:
Character Name: Kaori Iwaya
Gender: Female
Character Age: Feb 12 / 17
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Clan: (Fujiwara -- but she did not want to be associated with them so she changed her name back to her real family name)
Rank: Chuunin
Element: Water
Techniques: Taijutsu / Ninjutsu

Your Appearance:

Eyes: Bluish gray
Hair: Black
Appearance Description: Her heart-shaped, attractive face is framed by long, uneven fringes that seem to show a rebellious streak.  Her expression, however, is often that of indifference and aloofness, contradicting anything suggested by her look.  The rest of her long, dark hair is tied behind her back with a purple ribbon.  She has a shapely body which she was not keen on hiding.  Her dark ninja clothing, though almost reaching the floor with its length, was hardly modest:  it was sleeveless, exposing her well-toned, slender arms while the lower part had two long slits on the sides, displaying a fair amount of skin on her legs and thighs.  A dark obi adorned her waist, making it look even smaller.  She wore ninja boots with exposed toes, similar to the standard ones worn by girls her age, except hers was almost as soft as fabric (excluding the foot pads, of course).  She often borrowed her family's sword for practice but her own weapons were either a bokken or a handful of explosive tags and shuriken.

Your Information:
Personality: Kaori often feigns indifference, looking bored most of the time.  She does not desire to form social bonds, as most of the girls her age.  Because of a painful past, she is often cynical and private, hardly making friends.  Instead of developing bonds, she focused on training.  In her mind, training meant survival for herself and her important persons.  In spite of her seemingly aloof nature, she is hardly passive.  When provoked, she can easily lash out at people, exposing her tsundere tendencies.  

Though she finds it difficult to trust people, once she forms an attachment, she develops an extreme loyalty that's almost fanatical.  Because of her noble upbringing by her adoptive family, she often carries herself like a proper lady, which is ironic because on missions, that ladylike countenance instantly vanishes, only to be replaced by a boyish streak with a strong fighting spirit.

Likes:  mochi and red bean pudding

Dislikes:  drunken men; dog breath

Your Nindo/Motives:  "I am not going to hide anymore!  I will no longer be weak.  I will no longer wait until someone comes to protect us.  This time, I will protect my most important persons!"

History: Kaori was the only child of ryokan owners.  She was trained by her mother at an early age to receive hotel guests properly, perform tea ceremonies and even play shamisen (string instrument).  Because of some rebels pretending to be guests, her family's ryokan ended up getting burned to the ground.  Her parents were brutally murdered.  The only reason Kaori survived was because her mother sent her on an errand at that time it happened.  She was just seven when it happened.  

A kind noble couple took pity on her as they were passed her by the road.  Hearing her sad tale, they decided to adopt her.  Though her parents were kind, her older siblings were not.  They were spoiled and uncaring.  They only saw her as someone trying to steal their parents' attention.  She was often bullied while growing up.

Her life changed when she met one of the Jounin sent to guard her family. She was 14 then when she first met Ryuu, her first crush.  Though her affection was one-sided (mostly because he was already 22 at that time and he did not see her as anything but a child), she did learn about her other options.  Back then, she often talked to him, asking a lot of questions about his work.  This was surprising because she often displayed a shy nature to most people.  The Jounin was happy to talk about some of his missions, telling her adventures that seem to give her hope.  As his stories filled her mind, she thought about how good it would be to be strong like him.  What would it be like if she was doing the same thing?  What if she were a kunoichi?

When Ryuu left after the mission was over, Kaori changed.  A small fire burned inside her.  She found something to aspire for.  It was the only way to survive her past.  So, amidst her adoptive parents' pleas, she left the life of a noble and joined the ninja village in the Water Country: Kirigakure no Sato (the village that Ryuu mentioned in his stories).  She would no longer be bullied.  She would no longer let anyone die.  She would protect them at all cost!

It's been three years since then.  She reached Chuunin status a year before and have been on difficult missions ever since.

Rp Sample: (must be 150 words minimum)

Kaori stood still, narrowing her eyes at the male who dared provoke her.  "I'm sorry."  Her voice was clipped, showing she was not sorry at all.  "But you see...  I don't work here."  Her fingers were already on the side of his neck, pressing firmly on a spot that seemed to prevent him from breathing properly.  He started gasping for air as he looked at her in fear, trying to get away from her death grip.

Her voice became syrupy sweet as she smirked.  "It feels nice, doesn't it?  Maybe next time, you'll remember to keep your filthy hands to yourself."  The man was turning blue and could only cough and sputter as he choked out an apology, "I-ttt ww-won't hap--pen again!"  She immediately released him, causing him to fall back, breathing in large gulps of air before scampering off.

Another drunk.  She swore under breath, cursing the fact that she was assigned to that place.  A brothel.  Not to mention she was forced to wear those disgusting clothes.  She let out another curse.  Her frayed nerves were already on tight control.  If another drunk hits on her... heaven forbid.


(Image credit: Rezi -- http://www.phistars.com/2011/09/great-art-of-rezi.html)
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Kaori Iwaya Empty Re: Kaori Iwaya

Post by Luna Fang on Sat Dec 07, 2013 5:19 pm

Denied. Secret word is wrong (read the rules) and please pick a more appropriate picture.

Your profile is good. just fix that and you will be fine.

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