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Post by Yubon Sabaku on Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:35 am

Who are you:
Character Name: Yubon Sabaku
Gender: Male
Character Age: October 30th, 25 years old
Village: Sunagakure
Kekkei Genkai:Dark Release
Rank: Kazekage
Element: Earth and Lightning
Techniques: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu

Your Appearance:
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Black
Appearance Description: Yubon is slightly above average in terms of height. Standing just short of 6 feet, Yubon is broad shouldered and has a well defined musculature about him. Lean and fit, Yubon has the appearance of a shinobi that exercises every day. Yubon has dark glossy black hair. His beard is also rather tame and shares similar characteristics with his head hair. Yubon has a strong jaw line and subtle facial features. His eyes are an amber color; which is the same color as his mother's. Yubon hold's himself in a relaxed stature most of the time, for his back is only slightly slouched. His hands are along a larger scale, as well as his feet. Yubon sports a black and gold outfit. His shirt, pants, and vest all match this style. He also has a golden sash tied around his waist to match. Yubon has a rear pouch on his waist that holds most of his tools along with a few explosive tags, kuni, and shuriken. He also has several kuni holstered within his kuni holder, located on both of his thighs. Yubon has black sandals to match his outfit. His undershirt is a half long sleeve that appears on his left arm. His right arm is bare and has no sleeve.

Your Information:

Personality: Yubon is kind person. He is very loving when it comes to his fellow shinobi and protects them with all of his might. He has even been known to help fellow shinobi with minial tasks when he has the chance; such as fixing their roof or paying for a family's dinner. Yubon isn't like a lot of Jounin. In fact, he is one of the most charitable shinobi anyone would ever meet. He is a peace loving person and is naturally a social butterfly.

Though kind and gentle, he is also extremely focused and wise. He takes his job seriously as the Kazekage, and will protect his village no matter what the cost. This has lead him to be a bit of a health nut. He is very fit encourages his fellow shinobi to be like-minded. He is also a very clean person. This borders to the point of O.C.D. and can sometimes distract him. Committed to any cause he is apart of and loyal to a fault, few can actually find anything wrong with this gentle giant of a man.

Their is a darker side to the shinobi that only is seen on the battlefield. He is; for lack of a better term, a monster. He is so avid about protecting his people, that he rarely allows anyone to fight with him. The most they get to do is spectate, while he obliterates hostile forces with his ninjutsu and taijutsu skills . On the field, he doesn't care for those who try and invade his home and will kill them without a second thought. He becomes and entirely different person.

Likes: Poetry, Art, Dumplings, shoji, Shenanigans
Dislikes: Disloyalty, Rudeness, Immorality, Calamari, Cheaters
Your Nindo/Motives: "To defend my village and it's people until my last breath."
History:  Yubon was born forty years ago to a Jounin of Sunagakure. His father was a shinobi with the Anbu black op's and was was second in command to the entire division next to the captain. Yubon's mother was an ordinary house wife. Born into a loving family, Yubon barely saw his father. By the time Yubon went to the academy, his father had been so busy that he didn't even know how old Yubon was.

Yubon was a bit hurt by this. Even at a young age, Yubon idolized his father. He wanted to grow up and be just like him. Little did Yubon know that his father wasn't the best of role models. His father was actually a spy for one of the minor nations. He had been turned early into his career with the Anbu, and was feeding information to the enemy. This plot would soon been uncovered by the Kazekage, and Yubon's father was marked as a traitor and sentenced to death. Yubon had just graduated from the academy when his father was executed. To spare him the pain of his father's betrayal, Yubon's mother lied to him and said his father had been killed in action.

After a few weeks of investigation, the Anbu concluded that Yubon's father had acted alone and that his family was not involved with the plot and knew nothing about it. Yubon was devastated when he learned his father had died. He swore that he would protect his family in his father's place, and that he would protect the village with his life like his father did.

Yubon never forgot his promise. Even though it was made based on a deception, Yubon was ever faithful to his word. Many of the shinobi in the village looked down upon Yubon. They didn't speak of his father's deception, and instead shunned Yubon. Yubon was grouped with fellow genin that were ignorant of his father's actions. Only their Jounin leader knew of them for he was the Anbu captain that had sense retired from the organization.

Yubon and his team were estranged at first. Yubon was the social one of the group. His fellow teammates were a bit withdrawn. One was shy and the other was... well odd. Both of his teammates were girls. Yubon didn't mind, as he found both of them to be entertaining. Yubon was naturally protective of them, just like he was of his mother. During this time, Yubon found out that he had a great gift for chakra control and taijutsu. His jounin leader saw his talent, even though most thought of it as a weakness, for he lacked any real talent for genjutsu or ninjutsu. Yubon began weight training. He would practice tirelessly and soon became one of the strongest genin in terms of chara prowess, in Sunagakure.

He was a quick learner. His jounin leader instructed him on how to use his physical prowess in taijutsu and his talent in medical ninjutsu together. Yubon's chara compasity was enough to peak the interest of the Tuschikage and the elders of the village. Yubon always gave 100 percent and then some. One day, his team was on a mission. Yubon and his genin were sent on an escort mission. It was suppose to be a simple mission. That all changed when an S-class missing-nin came and tried to steal the person they had been escorting. Eventually, the missing-nin targeted Yubon's comrades with a powerful and unavoidable attack. Using bodyflicker and giving no forethought to himself, Yubon leaped in front of the attack. The attack hit Yubon with enough force to kill several people at once.

As the dust settled from the attack, his teammates and his Jounin leader thought Yubon would have surely been dead. Yubon himself thought he would have died too. However, this would not come to be. As Yubon opened his eyes, looked around. His body had changed. Glowing, it had absorbed the attack. The attack didn't even hurt him. Yubon wasn't sure what was going on, but apparently he was now unable to be harmed. Yubon and his team quickly disabled the attacker.

Yubon wasn't sure of what exactly he was or what this new ability was. Yubon's mother knew nothing of it and had no family history of such an ability. The Kazekage informed his Jounin team leader that it was actually a kekkei genkai of his father's family. A random select few were able to convert and absorb thus making them nearly invisbible. Some had called it 'the ultimate technique.' Yubon was informed about this and he had started to train in using this technique. Yubon was also how to absorb chakra as a genin and later on when he would become a jounin, the absorb all creation technique by the Kazekage himself.

Yubon quickly rose to the rank of chuunin. He had been training with weights ever sense he started as a genin, and even wore a weighted coat at all times to help with his speed. He would also focus on his ninjutsu. He learned how to use the inhaling maw technique and also the judgment technique. This made him very effective on missions. Yubon was also known to use his Kekkei Genkai for offensive purposes.

Yubon had many talents, but he still had much to learn. Right before making jounin, Yubon had been picked to join the Anbu black op's. This created a big debate within the organization and the elders. They feared that he would follow in his father's footsteps. Upon hearing the news about his consideration for Anbu, Yubon's mother broke down and divulged everything that had happened to  his father. Yubon couldn't believe what he was hearing. In shock, Yubon left his house. He was in a rage about what his father had done and was partially in denial about the whole matter.

Yubon was going to leave the village. He wasn't going to run away, but he need some time to himself. He needed to calm down before he hurt someone. Yubon would have escaped, but his Jounin team leader stopped him. The Jounin tried to reason with Yubon and told him that they only lied to protect him. Yubon was too angry at everyone to listen to his sensei. Not getting through to him, the Jounin told Yubon that if he could beat him in combat, he could leave. Yubon quickly charged at the jounin. In a blind furry, Yubon launched his attack at his former leader. The jounin didn't move. Right before impact, Yubon stopped. He then broke down and unclenched his fits. He was about to strike a man that he considered family for no good reason.

Yubon swore that he would never be like his father. He would protect the village and his family at all costs. The elders were informed of what had happened between Yubon and the jounin. His former sensei vouched on his behalf that Yubon was totally different than his father. His former teammates vouched for him as well. It was at that point the elders agreed and made Yubon a Jounin and accepted him into the Anbu black ops.

Yubon's first year in the Anbu black op's was not an easy one. He was being watched carefully by the head of the organization. Yubon didn't make many friends inside either. Most of them knew about his father's betrayal and it didn't make things any easier. Yubon would finally find an outlet though for his troubles. He would start weightlifting professionally while he wasn't on missions. He became so avid with it, that it was practically the only thing he did besides missions and training.

Yubon would eventually become one of the strongest shinobi on the weight lifting team and thus one of the strongest in the village. His strength would be aided by his Kekkei Genkai and his massive amounts of chakra.  He became so strong that many theorized he could go toe to toe with some of the legendary creatures. This wouldn't be tested for some time though. He also would be called 'steel ox' by his fellow weight lifters and the name would stick for the rest of his life.

Yubon continued to learn about ninjutsu and taijutsu. He eventually became the best fighter in all of Sunagakure and renown for his skills. He was also able to unlock gates during his training, although he rarely had to use them. He only unlocked the first two, and would not have to go any further than that for he never would meet any foe that could withstand his fury in the second gate.

Yubon would go on many missions with the Anbu; many of which were protecting the Kazekage. It was a task he enjoyed and would often talk with the Kazekage. When the war broke out, Yubon was both the sword and the shield of the Anbu forces. He was a key instrument in protecting the Kazekage and the village. That was until about six months ago. Ever sense the peace treaty, Yubon had been assigned to other missions. He even made Anbu captain as the war was ending. He had been sent as an envoy to one of the minor nations. He was sent to escort one of the dignitaries from that area to Sunagakure.

It was during this time, that the former Kazekage had been killed. Yubon was on his mission, but upon his return he found out the news. Yubon was devastated. He considered himself a failure even though there was no way for him to know about what was going to happen. This didn't comfort him though and he became withdrawn for a short time. After a few months and going through numerous candidates,  Yubon was chosen as the new Kazekage. He accepted the tittle reluctantly and felt he didn't deserve such an honor.

Yubon is now the Kazekage and has been avid about protecting his people and fellow shinobi. Lately, their have been several skirmishes by mercenaries at their borders. At this battle, the mercinaries had amassed a group of 100 shinobi. Yubon himself met them head on. Yubon demanded that his forces stay back. He took on the entire group alone and slaughtered the lot of them. He is now a watchful protector over his village and has even started looking for a pupil to train personally.

Rp Sample: Rolling thunder echoed across the plains. Thunder clouds were a rarity where he came from; but it seemed they were a common occurrence in this land. Properly named the 'Land of Lightning' Yubon was on a recon mission. He was to gather intel. and report back to the Foundation headquarters. The Anbu Jounin had an uneasy feeling about this mission. Something was amiss to him but he couldn't figure out what. He knew that Kumogakure and Suna were in conflict at this time, but he wasn't sure why they were sending him of all people. He wasn't in the recon devision. True he had the best chance for survival than any other shinobi in the Anbu, but was it really that imperative to get the information that would be gathered? Yubon didn't think so. He knew war was like a chess game and he was just a pawn. Yubon didn't mind it, but he did have questions and concerns.

Yubon then heard a feint snap of a twig. It was an ambush! Yubon quickly weaved his hand signs and cast his jutsu before any attack could be made. Yubon had turned into sand. This technique was quickly followed up by a barrage of attacks from Kumogakure shinobi. How they had found him was a mystery, but he knew that he had to take them down if he was to continue with his mission. Yubon quickly weaved an other string of hand signs. All of a sudden, blue aura's from all the attacking shinobi started to be absorbed. It was Yubon and he had cast his 'inhaling maw' technique. Sucking ever bit of chakra out of the shinobi; all eight of them dropped to the ground, dead. Yubon then saw one of them heading back to the village. Yubon quickly caught up with him and halted his escape. The Kumogakure shinobi was trembling. They had heard of a chakra absorbing monster in Suna. He muttered and said, "I-I know you. Y-Your Yubon Sabaku. You are the demon of the sand!" Yubon smiled and said, "I see my reputation has preceded me. Good. That means introductions should be short." Yubon then said, "I suggest you pray quickly, for I am about to send you to what ever god you choose."

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