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Good news everyone! Please read.

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Good news everyone! Please read.

Post by Atsushi Uchiha on Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:50 pm

Hey, everyone! So, you’ve decided to join the great Land of Mist, huh? Well, as your Kage I will be giving out certain rules regarding it. Of course, these aren’t rules like, what you can and can’t do. Anyway..

Rule 1: Attempting to leave the village and seek another or to live out in the country side equals death. I do not wish for someone to try and give out village secrets.

Rule 2: Any attempts to get cozy and loving with a ninja from another village, DEATH! I do not wish for the village to mingle with the others and share secrets.

Rule 3: If the Kage isn’t on, and you have village matters, please contact his special unit and if they are not on….Go and ask the other higher-ups.

Rule 4: I will most likely strangle anyone who wishes to leave the village myself, or send out my unit to do the murdering for me.

Rule 5: Enjoy the time spent here and achieve greatness. I will always be looking for ninja to prove their worth.

Rule 6: Mission first. Leave comrades behind if they endanger the mission in any way. Our village depends on the success of the mission!

Rule 7: I might be the kage, but our village, the younger ninja of this generation represent our land's hope and future. So do your best to help build up our great land!
Atsushi Uchiha
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