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Wolf Fang Clan

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Wolf Fang Clan Empty Wolf Fang Clan

Post by Luna Fang on Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:00 am

Symbol: Wolf Fang Clan Wolf_Fang_Symbol

Clan Name: Fang Clan

Location: Scattered

Clan History:The fang clan formed 40 years ago when a Wolf Demon named Shitari Riku found a village north of Konoha. They did not like his presence but he fell in love with a Female ninja. He tried for the longest time to get close to her but his demon traits prevented that. He was not afraid to go into the village and the Ninja noticed this. She eventually got close to him and they began to fall in love. They became betrothed and years later started a family. Because of the genes only 1 out of 5 generations did a Demon of half-blood or full blood come to be. Once the Wolf Demon clan became large enough they decided to split into several locations but because of their abilities to transform into a wolf and communicate, they never really lost touch of each other. Many nations fear them because of their power and because they are demons. Villages dont trust or like demons because they dont understand them. THe Fang clan is often cofused with Jinchuriki and they accept that. they just try to clearify that when going into new villages. There is always 3 to 4 people in each group around the world. They are forever a pack. The members of the fang also can't do genjutsu because they specialize in ninjutsu. they train hard and every now and then they meet and tell about their experiences. they learn from one another. they will always be scattered but one day they hope to be accepted.

Description:The Fang Clan is very high spirited. There nature if fire. They often have a high temper and when they get into fights they tend to get overboard. They Do not like to loose a fight but of course no one does. They are explorers and tend to travel alot. they are fierce in battle but are quiet otherwise. They stick together as a pack and are very loyal. They are great fighters and are also caring and passionate in their beliefs. They are hard working as well and will do what is neccessary to get things done. They have several natures but always work together to do what is right.

Unique Traits:They are able to transform and typically use fire but can also use other chakra natures.

Strengths: * They have strong techniques with fire chakra.
                        * They are able to transform into a wolf
                        * They use Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Summoning techniques

Weaknesses: * They cannot use Genjutsu
                           * They also lack in Strength

Restrictions: They cannot use Genjutsu

Clan specific Jutsu:
Wolf Transformation:

Name:Wolf Transformation
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Class: Supplementary
Range: Short Range
Hand seals: Lion -> Rabbit -> Dog
Usage: This jutsu allows the user to transform into a wolf of their choosing. They are able to use jutsu but they have to have high chakra control and be able to do signs in their head. When doing any jutsu the jutsu rank goes up one because it is much harder to do it. The user is also able to use their tail to attack besides their fangs and claws. They are also not able to speak English unless they sign a scroll from a Wolf Sage.

Member limit: 8

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Wolf Fang Clan Empty Re: Wolf Fang Clan

Post by Atsushi Uchiha on Fri Dec 27, 2013 9:56 pm

Atsushi Uchiha
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