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Orochimaru's hideout in the Land of Waves discovered!

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Orochimaru's hideout in the Land of Waves discovered!

Post by Atsushi Uchiha on Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:44 pm

Mission name:Snake Eater
Mission rank: A

Objective: The objective is to find a base of operations in the Land of Waves as a secret place for the Village doctor, Kuma to conduct and bring various experiments all of his design and those of the legendary Orochimaru’s to light.

Location: The mission takes place in the Land of Waves, and in Orochimaru’s Southern base.

   Reward: 500 ryo and a day to relax with the Kage.

   Mission description:The Mizukage, Atsushi, has tasked Sere and Kuma with finding this hideout in the middle of the ocean, somewhere off the coast of the Land of waves. Their main mission is to turn it back into a working facility and even bring back documents regarding the works of Orochimaru in body enhancement and implanting techniques. He doesn't expect them to come back, but if they return, great rewards will be waiting for them.

   Mission details: Failing this mission can cost our village greatly. So please, do your best and return with valuable information of this hideout. Sere, Kuma. The village is counting on you! When starting the rp up, make a new topic in mission section with the mission name so others will know to post.

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Re: Orochimaru's hideout in the Land of Waves discovered!

Post by Luna Fang on Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:39 pm

almost. the only thing i disagree with is the Reward. we can discuss this

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