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Post by Kuro Abisu on Sat Dec 28, 2013 2:03 am

Clan Name: Abisu clan
Location: Konohagakure
Clan History: The Abisu clan has a strange beginning. Not many know the true story behind the clan. The story that most people know is that the clan descended from the Nara clan in Konohagakure. It is said that somewhere along the Nara line that one of their own married an outsider and thus the Abisu clan was born. The real story is different and more nefarious. One of the members of the Nara clan, Shikashi Nara, became tired of adding to the Nara clans books of medicine and decided to start experimenting in secret. At first, it was an attempt to make a cure for diseases that had no cure yet but, that soon changed into trying to enhance the Nara blood and develop a new type of shinobi.

Eventually, Shikashi found a way to enhance the Nara and began testing it on humans. Shinobi started to turn up missing for no reason and were never found again until Shikashi was caught in the act of kidnapping a young member of the Nara clan. When the Anbu forces investigated Shikashi's house they found the remains of dozens of humans but there were also a few that were still hanging onto to life.

Shortly after Shikashi's arrest, everyone of his victims died except one. His name was Souseiki Nara and he alone was the soul survivor of Shikashi's experiments. He was thankful to be alive but he was changed forever after the experiments. He began to find new abilities that he hadn't had before. Souseiki pleaded with the Anbu and the Hokage to let him speak to Shikashi alone before they executed him so that he could find out what had happened to him. They decided to allow him the visit and Shikashi told him everything he did. He said that his goal was to create a new kekkai genkai that would be passed down through the generations of the Nara clan. He had no idea what abilities were going to come with it but he tried anyway.

Shikashi was executed and Souseiki eventually did marry an outsider. He married a woman from Sunagakure who had little to no ability as a shinobi. When they married Souseiki decided to change his last name to Abisu because he said that he had been through Hell and had seen the abyss. Together Souseiki and his wife began to form the Abisu clan within Konohagakure. With each generation more and more was found out about what exactly they had been given. Some said it was a curse, others a gift. They still carried on some of the traditions that the Nara clan had but for the most part they had separated themselves from it.

Description: The Abisu clan bears a strong resemblance to the Nara clan. Almost all of the clan has black hair but instead of wearing their hair in ponytails like the Nara do they let it grow however they want. The Abisu also carry on the tradition of intelligence that is found throughout the Nara clan. Because of the Abisu clans separation from the Nara clan they have seemingly fallen behind in their intelligence but they still remain as one of the most intellectual clans. The major differences between the Nara and the Abisu are their eye color and their personalities. While the Nara are more laid back, the Abisu tend to be more excitable and energetic. The Abisu clan also has bright red eyes instead of the darker eyes that the Nara have. The Abisu also have the blood of Souseiki in them meaning they have their kekkai genkai which does cause some jealousy amongst the remaining members of the Nara clan.

Unique Traits: They all have bright red eyes that are a distinguishable from the Uchiha clan. When their kekkai genkai is activated though their eyes, even the whites, turn pitch black.

Strengths: The Abisu clan specializes in genjutsu. Their kekkai genkai has amplified their ability for genjutsu because when it is activated their enemies have a hard time looking away from their eyes because of how unusual they are. The Abisu are great in supplementary roles and in close combat.

Weaknesses: The Abisu clan actually struggles with taijutsu and can't ever seem to get a grasp on it. They have also lost the ability to use almost all of the techniques that the Nara clan could use with the exception of the Shadow Imitation Technique. Most people are afraid of the Abisu after they have seen their kekkai genkai since it seems like they are looking at the eyes of a demon. They are also terrible at close range physical fighting.

Restrictions: They are bad at taijutsu.

Clan specific Jutsu:
Shadow Imitation Technique:
Name: Kagemane no Jutsu (Shadow Imitation Technique)
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
Class: Supplementary
Range: Short to Mid Range
Hand Seals: Rat
Usage:  This technique has been passed down through the Nara clan and allows the user to extend their shadow over any surface and as far as they want as long as their is a sufficient area. Once the shadow's are connected then it forces the target to imitate the user's movements. The downside to this jutsu is that it is tiring to use repeatedly and decreases in potency after each use. The amount of chakra the user has also impacts the strength and length of the jutsu.
Name: Kurome (Black Eyes)
Classification: Kekkai Genkai
Rank: E
Class: Supplementary
Range: Short to Mid Range
Hand Seals: E-Rank Upkeep
Usage: This is the first stage of the Abisu clan's kekkai genkai. When the Kurome is activated the user's eyes turn completely black. While this technique in itself is not dangerous, it does cause a temporary paralysis to a target and it allows the user to cast further kekkai genkai techniques without hand signs. The paralysis only lasts a couple seconds but that target feels overwhelmed with dread or fear for those few seconds. It has been said that staring at the black eyes of an Abisu is like staring into the gates of Hell.
Name: Kyoufu (Dread)
Classification: Kekkai Genkai
Rank: D
Class: Genjutsu, Supplementary
Range: Short to Mid Range
Hand Seals: D-Rank Upkeep
Usage: This is the second stage of the Abisu clan's kekkai genkai. After the user has locked a target into Kurome, the user can overwhelm their target with a sense of dread. To the target, the user begins to change slightly taking on a more frightful appearance usually of something they fear. Again this ability has no real offensive or defensive capability and is best used as a supplementary ability.
Morbid Fear:
Name: Kyoufushou (Morbid Fear)
Classification: Kekkai Genkai
Rank: C
Class: Genjutsu, Supplementary
Range: Short to Mid Range
Hand Seals: C-Rank Upkeep
Usage: This is the third stage of the Abisu clan's kekkai genkai. It is a stronger version of Kyoufu. The target sees the user as their worst fears and is attacked by them within in their own mind. This ability is all within the target's mind and there is no physical damage done to the target.
Demon Gate:
Name: Akki Geto (Demon Gate)
Classification: Kekkai Genkai
Rank: B
Class: Genjutsu, Supplementary
Range: Short to Mid Range
Hand Seals: B-Rank Upkeep
Usage: This is the fourth stage of the Abisu clan's kekkai genkai. At this point the target sees their greatest fears dissipate only for them to see the gates to Hell. The target can hear shrieking and pounding on the gate and the user standing by the gate holding the key. Behind the doors are the demons of Hell wanting to be let out. This causes even more fear to the target.
Demon Fury:
Name: Akuma Kyouran (Demon Fury)
Classification: Kekkai Genkai
Rank: A
Class: Genjutsu, Supplementary
Range: Short to Mid Range
Hand Seals: A-Rank Upkeep
Usage: This is the fifth stage of the Abisu clan's kekkai genkai. Within the target's mind the user unlocks the Demon Gate and allows the demons of Hell to escape. The demons then torture the target all within their mind while the user watches. This causes even more fear and paralysis and can eat away and destroy the targets mind.
Hell Fire:
Name: Hell Fire (Gouka)
Classification: Kekkai Genkai
Rank: S
Class: Genjutsu, Supplementary
Range: S
Hand Seals: S-Rank Upkeep
Usage: This is the final stage of the Abisu clan's kekkai genkai. In this final stage, the target has an unbearable sense of fear and dread all while being tortured by the demons in their mind. In addition to all those other things, the target is now thrown into the lake of fire and feels the burning sensation. This ability is the limit of the Abisu clan's and it takes the target to the limit of their mind so that when the jutsu is broken it often leaves its targets broken mentally.
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Abisu Clan Empty Re: Abisu Clan

Post by Atsushi Uchiha on Sat Dec 28, 2013 2:08 am

Accepted, lulzy.
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