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Sakku Ookamiyasha Empty Sakku Ookamiyasha

Post by Sakku Ookamiyasha on Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:25 pm

[size=18][color=#990099]Who are you?
Character Name: Sakku OokamiYasha
Gender: Female
Character Age: aug/21/99
Village: Konohagakure
Clan: dead
Rank: Genin
Elements: Water , Lightning
Techniques: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu

[size=18][color=#990099]Your Appearance
Eyes: Aqua Blue With a tint red coming outwards from center
Hair: White
Appearance Sakku's most distinguishable Feature is her knee length ,thick, choppy(layered) white hair. Most (without personally knowing her of course) would call her "cute" but after taking a look into her  dark aqua blue,red, eyes would say....something different? looking into her seemlingly "emotionless" eyes you can see the eyes that have experienced many saddness's. Sakku has quite the figure for a 14 year old , a tiny waist which is shown off by the belly showing kimono top she wears. she is also smaller for her age , height wise of course.

[size=18][color=#990099]Your Information:
Personality: well unlike how she may appear to be , Sakku does have emotions.  under all of her serious faces, rude comments she simply desires to feel loved once more.  sakku usually appears to be a stick-in-the-mud, know-it-all but occasionally if you see her while she just alone you can see the sorrow that she expresses through her singing.
Likes: Drawing, Singing, training to be the "strongest ninja" , chocolate
Dislikes:Menma , Carrots , the smell of alcohol , perverts

History: Sakku's past set was long long ago, she was born into a family of great ninjas. her father, the great and powerfull Fuugi, was the Head of the small village which she grew up in. and her mother, she was so beautiful and adored by all the children of the village but most of all by her daughter sakku. but even though the village witch she lived was small they still had enemys....the demons which lurked in the "forbidden forest" near her village. the children of the village were told never to go into the forest because they would be pulled in and once pulled in they could not leave because of the seal put on the forest by sakku's mother.

One day she was picking flowers for her mother where they grew best....by the forbidden forest. she knew it wasnt the safest place to get them but she wanted the most beautiful flowers. she was leaning down to pick a flower when she heard a whisper "sa" she looked around and saw nothing so she continued to pick. "sakku" she looked up once again after hearing the voice more clearly and realised something was calling her from the forest , so she walked a bit closer to get a better view. right then she was attack and pulled into the forest by huge talon-like claws. she screeched and it dragged her towards itself. immediately once she got close to it other creatures began to appear around her , they began tear her apart with their claws. she screamed from the bottom of her lungs and she began to feel a power surge through her. a white aura cloaked her body dispelling the demons attack and her eyes glowed crimson. the demons began to go mad attacking anything in sight including their comrades (the other demons). sakku stood up and letting out a blood curdling scream smashed the seal apart. After she destroyed the seal, the demons were let out of the forest and began to attack the villagers. As the death toll got higher, Sakku's parents finally found her in her newfound state; the eight tailed wolf jinchuuriki. Her mother and father had no choice but to combine their chakra and seal the eight tails inside of her. To prevent any further fatalities, they had put Sakku into a deep sleep inside a crystal-like orb, buried beneath the Earth's surface. She was to never be awakened, but her fate had shifted...


1000 years later...
On a warm summer afternoon, a male traveller was heading towards Konoha when he happened upon an odd semicircle-shaped bump in the ground. Little did he know that it had been Sakku's orb beginning to hit the surface. He examined the small bump, wondering what in the world it could be, when suddenly the ground began to rumble. He stumbled backwards hitting the ground, the bump beginning to burst open. At a sudden blast of white energy, his vision was blurred.

The eight tales wolf jinchuuriki had finally awoken.

RP sample:

I ran as fast as my legs could carry myself as I tried to outrun them... Who WERE these people?? They had been chasing me for quite some time now. Maybe I wasn't supposed to wake up from that dreadful sleep after all. I guess they're pissed or something.

I tripped on a root. Dammit, I thought to myself. I never asked them to make it hard for me... This landscape should have stayed a desert.
They were gaining on me. I have to use my chakra or they'll catch me.

I can't allow that.

Then suddenly, the leader pushed me against a tree. Just as I spun around to see who it was, a kunai blade was put to my throat. I stared into their eyes and mouthed, "Who the hell do you think you are?"

They didn't answer as I felt their next movement.

Wait a minute... I didn't feel anything.


Secret word: Moon wolf

- Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil
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Sakku Ookamiyasha Empty Re: Sakku Ookamiyasha

Post by Luna Fang on Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:13 am

Denied. there are a few things that are short in word count. go back and correct and it will be accepted

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