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Post by Jezebel Hotura on Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:47 pm

Who are you:Jezebel Hotura
Character Name: Jezebel Hotura
Character Age:18
Techniques:Taijutsu/ ninjutsu

Your Appearance:
Appearance Description:Standing at 5'8" Jezebel has light skin, turquoise eyes, and brown hair. Her body is athletic, with sleek muscle toneing. She has piercings on her abdomin, ears, and lower lip. She's very curvy and mature for her age some mistake her for being older than she really is. She typically wears a mesh armor over a red blouse and red skirt that comes down to her mid-thigh, and fishnet over her legs. She typically also carries a giant steel folding fan that's almost as long as her own body.

Your Information:

Personality:Jezebel is dismissive and carefree. She can be clingy and needy around people she knows she can say things to get what she wants. She's a typical text book narcissist and diva. She's very vain and enjoys the attention from men, always concerned about her looks and body. She even took special diets to make sure her glamour and womanly attractions surpassed the norm for her neighborhood. And when she had her eyes on a man she would be on him like white on rice, meeting up "accidentally" flirting, and smothering him in suggestive hints. But it turns out half the time she didn't even have any real feelings for anyone, she just wanted the attention and praise. She can also be a bit of a bully sometimes and completely over kills on her opponents as much as she can. She's selfish,brutal, and she likes to mangle enemies to a pulp thinking its fun.
Likes: she likes sea foods like crab and clams. Yet her favorite dish is hickory smoked salmon. She also likes being treated like a lady of high prestige.
Dislikes:She hates squid, octopus, or anything made with pork. She also hates it when she has to wake up early for any particular reason.
Your Nindo/Motives:
History: Jezebel became an outcast rogue and an outlaw of Sunagakure shortly after earning her Jounin rank. An attempt to assassinate the Kazekage was made and someone framed her by leaving her fingerprints on all the weapons left behind along with one of her hairs. She was confronted 40 miles from her village by two anbu who nearly killed her. She kept them at bay with her long range wind release attacks and managed to flee from them until reaching a river where she set a trap for her hunters and killed one by drowning him. She chased the other for almost ten miles and smashed his body against the side of a cliff. Feeling betrayed by her own village she took it out on the anbu by knocking him against the rocks until he was beaten near to death. He lived to report of her escape and thus Jezebel is still considered threat. Jezebels quest to find the ones who framed her takes her to wander the five great nations as a rouge ninja. She's a mercenary and now works for the highest bidder when she isn't searching for her impostor.

During her times as a gennin rookie she showed remarkable prowess having mastered the wind release and the use of an enormous steel fan. She was also a mean person to meet fist to fist. She passed the exams with the help of her team and won her fight in the final rounds of the exams in one move. One of her team died during a match at which she didn't hardly bat an eye at.  Her foe attempted to attack her from underground but she leaped up into the air and used her fan to float along the air currents and then flipped herself upsidown in a backflip with a 180 turn while swinging her fan. Using her chakra and wind release the gust of air was so powerful when it hit her opponent it pushed his head down and slammed his face into the ground. Having been stunned Jezebel began to kick him in his ribs, head, and soft spots, till several ribs were broken or fractured before beating him with her folded up fan. The proctor had to stop the match and nearly got hit by Jezebel too. No winner was declared as there was a long debate on whether she should be disqualified for nearly attacking the proctor. Having decided by one vote she passed as a chunnin. She went on a few high ranking missions and got on good relations with the feudal lords who recommended her promotion to jounin. Having befriended the Kazekage he agreed that she would do as a jounin but asked she serve a year before taking any students under her wing, hoping she would become more considerate of others before teaching. Being close to the Kazekage and how her personality was so brutal and mistrusting she was the perfect candidate to frame and pin the blame on for the assassination attempt on the Kazekage.  

Rp Sample:"Jezebel! STOP!" The sand shinobi barked at her as she sauntered down a street that smelled like fast walk in and order food. She had a craving for smoked salmon again and this sushi shop looked promising. But her tracks her stopped by someone who recognized her and wanted a piece of her. This was typical, especially in sunagakure which made her wonder why she even bothered to return. Small towns were normal more friendly towards her as she had less notoriety there. "For the Kage!" He yelled and ran at her with a kunai in his hand. This was stupid but some wanted to take her down and make a lot of noise doing it so she would know it was for their dear and precious kage whom she had nothing against nor did she try to kill. This was stupid she thought, as a real ninja who wanted revenge should be a little more tactful. She turned around and stepped to the side of him and swept her hand to the side to knock his arm away at the back of his elbow with a chopping motion of her hand. She then brought her leg up and round house kicked him in the stomach with her shin. There was a crunch sound and a painful moan as the air was knocked from his lungs. She then grabbed the back of his vest with her left hand and brought her right elbow down on top of his head. This was her taijutsu signature she called :hammer of Thor. It was a brutal move that involved her using her elbow to smash the soft spot of the head were the sutchers of the skull were. It dropped her attacker who landed face first with a thud and she huffed with disappointment in him. But he was not alone as she heard the hiss and snare of shuriken coming right for her like bullets. Side flipping out of the way they narrowly miss her leg and the last one is blocked by her fan that she spreads out like a shield right before it can find its way to her head. Two more came jumping along the rooftops and threw some kunai and a giant shuriken. She smirked and opened her fan compleatly then suddenly lashed out with a powerful swing. "Learn your place! maggots!" a mighty gust of air was sent from her fan knocking down some of the shops, and sending their weapons right back at them and sinking them into the two ninja who threw them. Right after being hit by their own weapons the gale of winds sent by her sends them flying into someones house to crash through the wall. "Tsk...time to go." she muttered, she'd been there only two days and already made enough commotion to give herself away. And that smoked salmon smelled so good she wouldn't have time to sit down and eat it. Walking away she passes the shop and grabs the salmon, the shop keeper tells her she can have it just as long as she leaves him alone. "Ah geeze, old timer, am not goona kill you. But thanks." She took it and left him some money anyway. It was back to the old dusty trail for her...again.

Faceclaim:face claim will be my avatar pic


Wind release:

Name:Wind Release
Range:Mid-rang, long-rang
Hand seals:N/A
Usage: The use of a persons wind nature chakra to take influence and partial control over the air assisting in many wind style techniques that require the persons wind nature.

wind sythe:

Name:Wind Scythe
Range:mid-range, long-range
Hand seals:none
Usage: Used with an instrument that can generate large gusts of wind such as a giant fan, it sends a gale of violent winds that cut either single targets or multiple with high pressurized air. Deflect projectiles, or send objects flying. Requires wind nature chakra and wind release.

Howling Gale:

Name:Howling Gale
Hand seals:N/A
Usage:A variation of the wind Scythe but used for defensive purposes. It surrounds the user of the jutsu with a cyclone to defend them by pushing anything within a small radius of 20 yards with strong curents of wind. Best used against projectiles as it does not throw or repel objects anchored to the ground. It also cuts at things with high pressure air within its 20 yards of range.

Hammer of Thor:

Name:Hammer of Thor
Hand seals:N/A
Usage: A brutal and sometimes dirty move used in hand to hand. The attacker uses their elbow to slam the top part of the head where the skull is slightly softer. Very painful!! Especially when the attacker jumps on their victim and sits on their shoulders with their head wedged between their thighs and repeatedly slams their elbow on the weak part of the head. You can do it from the front, or from behind. It's called the hammer of Thor because it smashes like a hammer, but the name is a bit exaggerated. This is originally used by Jezebel Hotura, who typically enjoys battering and beating things to a pulp.

Secret word:Moon wolf
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Jezebel Hotura Empty Re: Jezebel Hotura

Post by Luna Fang on Sun Jan 12, 2014 11:01 pm

Your personality is short as well as your nindo. also you do not place jutsu until after your bio is approved.


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