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Post by Riku Mizza on Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:04 pm

Who are you:
Character Name: Riku Mizza
Gender: Male
Character Age: January 11th; 17
Village: Konoha
Clan: N/A
Rank: Chunin
Element: Lightning
Techniques: Ninjutsu and Taijutsu

Your Appearance:
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Appearance Description: Riku Mizza is very tall at 6 feet tall. He often stands above other people. He has black hair which runs down to the nape of his neck and blue eyes  which is rare. He often wears a simple blue t-shirt with shorts and ninja shoes.  He has a bag on his waste and Kunai pouch on his right leg. He is very muscular and has strong arms and legs. He has a scar on his back which is normally covered and has a tattoo on his wrist but is covered as well because he wears gloves majority of the time.

Your Information:

Personality: Riku Mizza is very loyal and passionate. He is strong willed and will work hard at any task. He is also very quiet but can be outgoing when he really needs to be. He is very smart and often outwits others. He is also simple minded and short tempered. He has learned to be more patient but still gets mad easily. He is kind and friendly as well as he meets a lot of people and gets to know them. He is also gets very sad as he often remembers his friends he once had. He is very careful and observant when he goes to new places as he doesn’t want to get to close but does anyways.  He is very open minded and likes to learn new things as he goes from place to place.  He is often getting into trouble though he is not the cause of it.
Likes: Soon
Dislikes: Soon
Your Nindo/Motives: Rikus nindo is to protect everyone he can and protect his village. He doesn’t want to get to close but he hopes to protect his friends and village through whatever hardships may come. He is determined to work hard and do what is right where ever he goes on his journey.
History:Riku Mizza has always grown up traveling. He was never born into a village but instead on the outskirts of a small nation. Hoping to find a better life he left the small nation when he was twelve and traveled the world. He has been to the land of water and the Land of Wind. He met many friends while traveling through there but several had died because of different Rogue ninja while they were training one day deep in the woods. Even though the Rogues were powerful he never wanted to be like them. After giving up on those two lands he finally decided to try the Land of Fire. After a winter night he ended up at the fire temple. A monk had approached him and offered him a stay in the temple walls. He watched the monks and learned a couple of things that improved his Taijutsu. A couple of days later he left the Temple and continued his journey. He then Came across Big gates. He had reached the village hidden in the Leaves. He went into the village and talked to the Hokage. The Hokage agreed to let him stay.  He went to the ninja academy and then became a Genin. After another year he became a Chunin when he passed the Chunin exam. He was very happy and he now travels more and fights off ninja who are up to no good. He goes back to the village after every mission and goes to the barbeque place.
Rp Sample: Riku ran through the deep forest near the edge of the land of fire. He had been chasing a ninja who had escaped. He was upset with himself that he got away and was determined to get him back to the village for interrogation.  He stopped suddenly and looked around. “where is he?” he asked himself with a frown. A rustle of the trees nearby made him look “There he is” he said as he jumped to the other branch quickly. He then spotted the Ninja and threw several kunai at him. It was directed at the leg. He hit him in the leg but didn’t know how much damage it would cause but just in case he tackled the ninja and tied him up. He sighed as he didn’t think it would be this troublesome to catch at runaway ninja. He picked him up swiftly and took him back to the village. It took 2 hours just to get him back and 3 to catch him, any longer and he would have been in trouble as he needed him back before dark. He got back right in time and took him to the Hokage’s interrogation team. He then sighed with relief when he was able to leave.

Faceclaim: my avatar for now

Secret word: Ninja Blade

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Riku Mizza Empty Re: Riku Mizza

Post by Luna Fang on Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:14 pm

Accepted and very good history

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