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Ikari Empty Ikari

Post by Ikari on Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:09 am

Who are you:
Character Name: Ikari
Gender: Male
Character Age: 3/28/20
Village: Rogue (formerly Sunagakure)
Clan: Kabonchi (he's the only member)
Rank: Jounin
Element: Wind and Fire
Techniques: Ninjutsu and Taijutsu

Your Appearance:
Eyes: Orange
Hair: Black
Appearance Description: Ikari has long black hair that falls to his shoulders and sweeps to the right. His eyes are orange and have a sinister look to them. He only wears black and often wears a hooded robe that he uses to hide his face. He stands around 6'2" and weighs about 170 pounds. His body is thin but he is stronger then he looks. He wears his old Sunagakure headband around his waist as a belt with a slash across the symbol.

Your Information:

Personality: Ikari is a violent man. He thrives on hatred and fear and loves watching others get nervous in his presence. This is all because of his past and he has embraced his hatred. Despite his violent personality he is a quieter, composed shinobi. He knows how to keep his cool in the midst of any situation despite his bloodlust. He shows no remorse and has no care for anyone except for himself.

Ikari's world revolves around his hatred and his need to kill. He gets excited at the thought of blood and violence. He is constantly plotting some way to make himself stronger and get closer to his goal. He one day wants to be the strongest shinobi in the world that is feared by everyone.
Likes: the color black, fighting, blood
Dislikes: Sunagakure, his memories, anyone who cares about someone else
Your Nindo/Motives: Ikari's motives are selfish in that he wants to become the most feared, strongest shinobi in the world.
History: Ikari's beginnings are one of mystery and death. Death follows and has followed Ikari ever since he was born. He was born in Sunagakure but under a different name. Only a handful of people actually know his real name because he left Sunagakure and his birth name behind.

He was born Kokoro Kabonchi. His parents weren't entirely successful shinobi despite their lineage. Ikari's mother, Kana, was a very distant relative of the kunoichi Pakura who held the secret to the Scorch release. Ikari's father, Ryoko Kabonchi, was the last remaining member of the Kabonchi clan which at one point was known for their kekkai genkai. The Kabonchi clan's kekkai genkai had long been inactive though and it had been generations since anyone was able to use the carbon that ran through their veins.

Ryoko was the last one of the Kabonchi clan before his son was born. The Kabonchi clan had been murdered while Ryoko was still just a boy. He dedicated his life to trying to utilize his bloodline ability. He eventually succeeded but not to the extent that he had hoped he would. The only thing he was able to do was to form small pellets from using his blood. After his son was born he gave up his hope of using it.
From a young age, Kokoro showed a lot of promise as a shinobi and was able to grasp every aspect of being a shinobi at a much younger age then others. He graduated from the academy at the age of 8, chuunin at 11, at 13 became a jounin, and ANBU at 16. The biggest reason he was able to do all of this was his ability to use his kekkai genkai and on top of that his mother taught him how to use the Scorch release. But, not everything was good in his life because his father became jealous of his ability to use their kekkai genkai. This caused his father to loathe him and eventually he started to plot to kill him.

Ryoko's hatred stewed and stewed inside him, waiting for the perfect time to kill his son. Finally, the time came and he attacked him but Kana stepped in to save him. With his kunai inside his wife, Ryoko showed no remorse. He had grown jealous of both his son and his wife for their ability. After seeing his father murder his mother, Kokoro attacked his father eventually killing him. Other shinobi's eventually found Kokoro still beating his father's dead body and tried to arrest him only to feel Kokoro's wrath as well.

Once his rage receded, Kokoro realized what he had done. His parents were dead as well as two squads of shinobi. It was at this point that Kokoro decided that he would leave everything behind. He stood at the gates in the middle of the night still wearing his blood stained uniform and put a slash across his headband. From now on, he was on his own. He would embrace his hatred and decided from then on he would be known as Ikari.

Ikari spent the next few years moving from place to place, living in the wilderness. At first he spent all of his time working on his abilities but soon he found himself being hunted by the ANBU's. He began defending himself against them and soon found out that he was even more powerful then before. It was this realization that made him figure out what his goal in life was. His goal became to become so powerful that no shinobi would dare stand up to him.

Rp Sample: Ikari looked up at the stars. He was sitting on a rock somewhere in the Land of Fire. It had been years since he had slept in an actual bed. He couldn't even remember what it was like nor did he really care. He left that life behind him, he left Kokoro behind.

A small smirk crossed his lips as he thought of that day that he left Sunagakure. He thought of the blood, the red liquid that had covered the place he formally called home. He could still smell it, the slight metallic scent. He began thinking of his mother laying there with her blood dripping off of his father's kunai.

Ikari immediately chided himself for that thought. He hated his memories. He hated his past. He hated his emotions, they made him weak. The only emotion he embraced was his hatred. His hatred was the only thing that kept him warm at night. A bush rustled behind him but he didn't move even as a man appeared out of the woods.

"What do you have for me Nori?" asked Ikari without even turning around.

The man named Nori approached him slowly, shaking slightly. Ikari knew the man feared him and his fear made him smile. The feeling was irresistible and had quickly become like a drug for him.

"Um…well, the Leaf shinobi know who you are sir. They have you listed as an S-rank missing-nin of the Sand." said Nori fearfully.

"Well of course they do. I am after all an extremely feared shinobi." said Ikari with a chuckle.

"So…um…about my pay?"

Ikari smirked and looked down at his hand. He had to hand it to Nori, he had more guts then most of his underlings. Most didn't dare ask him about being paid. He quickly appeared behind Nori and placed his hand on the middle of his back.

"Don't worry, you'll get it."

With that, three orbs began floating around Ikari. He chuckled and sent one of the orbs through Nori. Nori started to scream in pain and fell to the ground as the water inside his body was boiled to the point that it evaporated and Nori's mummified corpse fell to the ground.

"Don't spend it all in one place there Nori." chuckled Ikari as he looked back up at the stars.

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Ikari Empty Re: Ikari

Post by Luna Fang on Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:19 pm


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